Unlike CM Punk I don’t like waffle house. I did, however, like his segment with Nash on Raw.

Punk feuding with Kevin Nash has me intrigued. Very intrigued. Way more so than prolonging his feud with Cena or starting one with Del Rio. Given his shoot style promos that have given him so much recognition these last couple months, I think he said all there is to say on Cena, and probably doesn’t have enough to say about Del Rio, other than maybe his brief mma career.

I feel a feud with Nash has lots of potential though, even if it won’t involve the title. Nash’s size and history is enough to make him seem like a credible opponent, even if his career is “dead.” I hate the dye job on his hair though; I think he looked fine with gray in TNA.

And to be fair to Waffle House, I’ve only ever eaten there once before, so maybe I just picked a bad one.