When this story broke a few weeks ago you made sure to pay attention, knowing that it would come up in this year’s Randy Orton Week, right? Okay, good.

That’s right, the first full week of September has begun and ANOTHER Randy Orton week comes to pass! For those unfamiliar, this five year tradition has become a Botched Spot staple, where we celebrate all things orange and angry. All week long the blog (the blog beneath this blog) will be updated with activities, games, and/ or very bad photoshops. Enjoy, and be sure to check out some of the past RKO Week gems here:

Some comics:

Randy Orton’s mobile game, Ortmageddon!

The Randy Orton revival of the old action figure line, S.T.O.M.P.

An oldie about the dangers of Randy wearing his trunks so tight.

A tragic look into divorcing the Viper.

Randy Orton learns the art of voice acting!

And some of the games!

Randy Orton’s Tattoo Search!

Randy Orton’s Word Search! This one’s a toughy!

A look at some possible Randy-themed video game spinoffs…

Paint by numbers featuring the Viper (paint not included!).

And the infamous Randy Orton Jumble! This one actually is hard.