What crazy times we live in! The WWE have either been masterminds at toying with fans emotions for the past year, OR are stubborn screw ups who finally gave in to the fans’ demands (the real fans, not the plants from Monday). While it was amazing and vindicating to finally see the match between Triple H and Bryan announced, along with the stipulation that if Bryan wins he’ll be in the title match as well, I have trouble imagining that WWE planned this any earlier than Batista’s Rumble win. I fully believe that Bryan’s feud with Orton last year was more about pushing Orton as a heel than it was about getting Bryan ready for any type of uppercard match at Wrestlemania 30, but I could be wrong on that. I’m certainly not going to argue with the end result!

By the way, it feels very creepy to try to draw what you imagine someone’s kids look like when there aren’t any pictures to reference. It’s not the first time either.