Botched spot fun fact: I’m also overworked! Hence the late in the day (or night) updates.

I tuned in to NXT 3 last night at the end to see who won. Kaitlyn, the girl with no prior wrestling experience. I’m sure she’ll fit right in.

Due to my absolute markdom for Daniel Bryan, I can’t help but be somewhat excited for the next season. Chris Masters as a pro seems questionable, but he did start with them back in 2005 and even main evented a PPV (albiet with 5 other men in an Elimination Chamber match) back in 2006, so I can see them justifying it, at least more easily than Zack Ryder from season 2. While it was somewhat surprising to not see Seth Rollins’ (Tyler Black’s) name mentioned as a rookie, I can’t say I feel too bad for him. I’d imagine wrestlers coming into the company at this time would rather have a debut like Alberto Del Rio, where they can look like a credible threat, than a rookie with nothing to their name.