Earlier this week I signed up for Sling so I could start watching Lucha Underground in time for its season 2 premiere. When I turned it on about five minutes early they were showing the last episode of Season one before it, where one luchador grew wings to fly away from the arena, and then another one flew away on a jetpack.

Anyway, I tell you all of that to really tell you that Lucha Underground is an amazing show and now the time that I could’ve been watching it but wasn’t looks like an empty black hole of loneliness.

Many of you probably know all of this about Lucha Underground already, but I figured I would put in my two cents of endorsement for them for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet. Their production value is off the charts, the wrestling is non stop high flying action, and the best thing about it is that it feels like a real alternative to WWE. There are ridiculous characters and backstage segments, but the show takes everything so seriously, without a hint of a smile. It’s a great show and this won’t be the last time you see a Lucha Underground comic!