As much as I loved John Oliver’s recent segment about the WWE, it killed me to see him using so many old clips of wrestlers talking about how terrible WWE is. He couldn’t talk with his buddy Mick Foley about it instead of using two decade old clips from “Wrestling with Shadows”? I’m glad he’s shedding light on WWE’s wrestlers not really being independent contractors and encouraging them to take better care of their wrestlers, but when he doesn’t bring up recent strides they’ve made like paying for former talent’s rehab and awarding them scholarships it opens up the whole argument to hole-punching.

Also if you’re a fan of my “Road to Wrestlemania” board games and you always wondered how they would play as a video game, I have good news for you! Botched Spot reader Brandon Myers has taken all of the boards and markers I’ve made and put them into the game “Tabletop Simulator” on Steam. Check it out here: Thanks, Brandon!