Boy, that first panel is going to look really filthy to anyone who doesn’t know what the set up for a powerbomb through a table looks like!

So SPOILERS for something TNA already SPOILED last episode of Impact Wrestling:



Dixie finally goes through a table! At first I thought it was pretty lame of them to spoil the big moment, but I’ve since reconsidered my stance. We all knew it was coming, not just because of spoilers from the tapings, but because Bully has been saying he’ll do it for weeks (months?) now. We just didn’t know when. And to be honest, I wouldn’t really expect it to happen on a random episode of Impact, so there’s a good chance that I would have missed it. Of course even knowing that it’s coming I might still only catch it on DVR, y’know, if it happens during NXT or I go out or something. But if I’m at home and nothing else is on, I will DEFINITELY want to see Dixie go through a table! #ITHAPPENS #WRESTLINGMATTERS #DOTHESEWORKONANYTHINGBUTTWITTER?

Also, in case you missed it, Paul Heyman had some interesting words about TNA revisiting ECW in a recent interview with Newsday. Pretty funny stuff.