It’s hard for me to define what makes me, as a wrestling fan, annoyed when the WWE rushes their storylines. Things like when they quickly brought CM Punk back after he “quit” instead of letting it play out for a while, or how quickly they jumped to the CM Punk vs. Triple H match instead of waiting until a higher profile PPV, or how the Rock’s going to have his return to wrestling in a five man team match at Survivor Series instead of waiting until Wrestlemania to return… It’s all getting a good thing early, right?

I left in the middle of drawing this strip to watch Night of Champions, figuring that it would reenergize me on wrestling. That was a mistake. I don’t want to go into full “PPV review” mode, but I can safely say it was a bad PPV when the highlight was Mark Henry winning the World Heavyweight Championship. That main event was nuts. Miz and Truth interfering to help Punk win, only to later break it up when Punk was pinning Triple H… Miz bumping for Scott Armstrong… Kevin Nash attacking both competitors at John Laurinaitis’ command… and, of course, Triple H winning after not wrestling for six months. I try to keep a positive attitude about wrestling, and give the WWE the benefit of the doubt, but that match gave me way too much to dislike. I was fairly happy for Mark, though. His post match promo was what really sold me on it.