Mick Foley’s WWE run in 2006 and his book, “Hardcore Diaries” focused on that time left a REALLY bad taste in my mouth. While I liked his Wrestlemania 22 match with Edge, the stuff with Melina, Vince McMahon, ECW alumni, feud with Ric Flair (which is back again… woo?) was very underwhelming for me to begin with, and then reading his defense of everything in “Hardcore Diaries” turned me off to him completely. I felt like he really overdramatized his importance in the One Night Stand 2 PPV, and his role in Melina’s career, and just seemed to have a bitter tone about everything especially when compared to his previous books. Since then he left WWE in a huff after ANOTHER fall out with Vince and has shown up as another ex-WWE guy on TNA, taking time away from younger talent. Not a lot for me to love.

But then I hear about him donating money from his latest book, “Countdown to Lockdown,” to charity, as well as the other charity work he does, listen to a couple of interviews he’s done promoting the book, and… his charm is starting to win me over again. Hopefully “Countdown to Lockdown” will be a little more upbeat, seeing as how it’s about him going to TNA, where he doesn’t have to deal with Vince. I’ll probably get it, just not sure when. And I have to say, I think the only reason that WWE is promoting his book on RAW and on their website is to make sure he keeps a positive attitude about WWE and Linda McMahon’s senate campaign when doing interviews. That’s just a hunch though.