While I was shocked and stunned by Lesnar breaking The Undertaker’s streak, I can’t say that I’m all that upset. I’ve seen a lot of angry tweets and comments from wrestling fans about Lesnar being the one to break it, and while I get that it would have been a great way to push younger talent, that could have easily backfired. With Brock you at least have a wrestler with a strong legacy of ass kicking in and out of the wrestling ring and nothing can change that. But imagine if Wade Barrett or Drew McIntyre had broken the streak way back when management was high on them. While they would have had a strong push coming out of it, there’s no telling if it would actually last.

Overall, I think Wrestlemania 30 was great, and easily the best one out of the last few years. Usually I think WWE plays it safe when booking ‘Mania, relying on it being their biggest show of the year to sell it to fans. But this year I feel like there are real ramifications to the matches, like things that happened last night could have only happened at a Wrestlemania and not one of the filler PPVs. Of course it wasn’t all great (I think the Shield match was on fast forward), but it was a lot better than what I was expecting anyway.