I definitely needed The Daniel Bryan Fan Support Group last night and, come to think of it, all day yesterday leading up to the Rumble. Looking at my predictions now I can tell I was in denial. I’m such a dreamer! While I was upset about Batista winning and Bryan not being in the Rumble at all, I’m not like devastated like I was after the Rock beat CM Punk a year ago. I think I’m burned out on being upset over the company picking their guys over the guys that I want to see. Part of me still wants to hold out hope that this will lead to something bigger for Bryan or that the WWE will turn their plans around after the verbal thrashing from the fans last night, but if they haven’t gotten the message yet I’m not sure they will now.

I actually enjoyed the show overall last night, mostly because of the fans (the “you both suck” chant during the WWE World Heavyweight Title match was particularly enjoyable). I also enjoyed the Rumble match itself, with the Shield drama, the Goldust/ Cody drama, and the Punk/ Authority drama. There were a lot of little stories going on throughout it rather than it just being a bunch of singles wrestlers without much going on between them. Man, those fans though. While I didn’t like Sheamus and Batista being in the final three, I actually felt kind of bad for them, y’know, like they were both faces coming off of their huge returns and people just wanted to see them ripped apart. I could almost hear Sheamus thinking “what do I have to do to get these people to like me?!”. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like them, but I pitied them, like a bug about to get eaten by my cats.