I think a lot of people are under the impression that I make all of these scenarios up, but I’m not THAT creative. Granted the news report only talks about Rosa’s wardrobe malfunction, but I’d have to imagine that Dolph and Miz giving the audience an eyeful at Night of Champions/ Raw is somehow related (isn’t that how most news is made up anyway?).

I’d be okay with WWE going for edgier angles, and Lord knows it would help some characters like Adam Rose get over better, but whenever people complain about the PG rating I always think of the “Carlito’s Cabana” segment where Triple H brought out Vince’s past sexual conquests in order to find the mother of his illegitimate child (it wound up being Finlay). While I don’t want Hornswoggle running through a painted on hole in the wall, I also don’t want to hear Vince explain that a misfire made a woman partially blind for the rest of her life. You just shuddered a little, didn’t you? I’ll settle for Rosa and Dolph’s butts.