The Adventure in this particular RKOPG takes place in Mizville, a village plagued by an evil villainous overlord, The Miz! Well, Miz might not be evil, but no one wants him there and they definitely don’t want him in power. As Randy Orton travels through the world of Mizville he will discover that Miz was handpicked to be the ruler of this land… but a few others are hoping to overthrow him!

Mizville is home to:

    1. Randy’s Tour Bus: Randy Orton’s trusty steed that takes him wherever he needs to go! Of course he can mostly get around Mizville by walking. Orton can rest here to fill half of his total hit points.
    2. Inn: The inn is a bit small with only four rooms, but the Ortons can bunk up together. Staying here costs 5 gold and restores all of Orton’s health. They also have a free continental breakfast with bear claws! If you’re feeling sneaky and the innkeeper’s not looking, you could probably stash an extra bear claw in your inventory to refill 5 whole hit points while on your journey!
    3. The Drinkin’ Hole: What RKOPG would be complete without a tavern to catch the latest news, gossip, and a bite to eat? At The Drinkin’ Hole, you’ll find all sorts of Old Timers, Smarks, and plain ol’ villagers who mostly want to mind their own business… but will fight if provoked! It’s said that a large man with an insatiable appetite comes by here every night and eats their entire supply of food!
    4. Security Booth(s): Located throughout Mizville is an ample supply of Security Booths! You’ll find one or two Security Guards lingering about these locations, charged with keeping the piece in Mizville.
    5. Ol’ Bill’s Tools ‘N Such: This hardware shop is manned by a grizzled Old Timer named Bill. He often regales Orton with stories of his past wrestling life, mostly about how much harder wrestling used to be. When Orton buys a weapon Bill mentions how in his day all wrestlers needed for a weapon was to pretend they had a roll of quarters in their hand.
      1. Kendo Stick: Lightweight yet obnoxious to those who get smacked with it, the Kendo Stick is a quick way to get extra damage in! Adds +2 points of damage to each attack. One time use only. 5 gold.
      2. Folding Chair: Much more portable compared to carrying around an announce table chair, plus it adds +4 points of damage per attack! Can only be used for one encounter. 20 gold.
      3. Arm Cast: It’s like a shield, except it really only defends a small portion of your body. So you might as well bash people with it. Adds +2 points of damage to each attack (+4 points if you can convince 4 different townspeople to sign it). Permanently stays with the wrestler. 25 gold.
      4. Ladder: Perfect for rescuing kittens or cleaning gutters. If you cared about such things! Chuck this at enemies to add +5 points of damage to each attack. Can only be used for one encounter. 35 gold.
      5. Table: You never know when you need to put someone through a table, so be prepared and buy one! Using the table with a successful body roll causes 10pts of damage. One time use only. 30 gold
      6. Spanish Announce Table: You want to do ultimate damage, so you need the ultimate table. Be sure to let everyone know what the Spanish Announcers would be saying now if you hadn’t taken their table as you carry this around town. Using the table with a successful Body roll causes 20 points of damage. One time use only. 60 gold.
    6. Sandra’s House of Kickin’ Ring Gear: The local Apparel shop is just the place to outfit your Orton with some classy gear! Just don’t ask the shop keep for last-minute tailoring, or she’ll sass you but good.
      1. Towel: It’s the most effective if it’s the only apparel in use. Adds a +5 modifier to any Charisma rolls, +10 if it’s the only gear equipped.  15 gold.
      2. Elbow pads: For protectin’ elbows! Adds +5 to Health. 20 gold.
      3. Kick pads: Shin splints? More like shin KICKS amirite? Adds +3 to Body. 30 gold.
      4. Magic Duffel Bag: Do you want that folding chair, that ladder, and that chair, but don’t have enough hands or willing accomplices or jobbers to help carry them? Use this item and gain 5 slots to your inventory! (Now with less poop!) 40 gold.
    7. Happy Herbie’s Happy Herbies: The Herbal Store is manned by a hippie named Sterling, who’s overly enthusiastic and helpful. If Orton buys anything or talks to Sterling, they mention that they have another secret stash of purchasable items that hasn’t been approved yet by the FDA (but it’s only a matter of time).
      1. Normal Supplies:
        1. Health Shake: You’ve taken a beating, so get to eating! Or drinking, rather. Cuz it’s a shake. Restore 5 points to your total health. 10 gold.
        2. Restore Health Shake: Really low on health? This wondrous shake fills your health back up to the max!  20 gold.
        3. Protein Shake: Pump yourself up with protein! Drinking this shake grants a permanent +2 points boost to Body! Limit 1 purchase per day per Orton. 10 gold.
        4. Fish Oil Shake: Fish oil provides all sorts of healthy benefits, and you look super smart for taking supplements with it. Which is why this shake gives you a permanent +2 points boost to Mind! Limit 1 purchase per day per Orton. 10 gold.
        5. Orange Shake: Filled with the power of a thousand fallen oranges, this shake boosts your Charisma with an extra +2 points permanently! Limit 1 purchase per day per Orton. 10 gold.
        6. Bushel of kale: It’s just kale. 5 gold.
      2. Secret Stash:
        1. Synthetic Pot: It’s okay, it’s synthetic! Reusable up to 5 times to refill your health by 10 points, but you lose 5 points of Mind for some reason while carrying it. 15 gold.
        2. Pot Brownies: They’re super tasty! You’ll really have to get the recipe one of these days. Till then, use these to restore 5 points of Health back to the entire party, or as a distraction to any common enemy you don’t feel like fighting. Limit 1 purchase per day per Orton, as Sterling didn’t bake that many. 15 gold.
        3. IED Enhancer: You’re constantly running into battles, why wouldn’t you want to enhance your IED for that extra intermittent edge? Increase your damage by 5 points on all rolls! Limit 1 per Orton. One time use per encounter. 25 gold.
        4. Orton Growth Hormone: The real deal! Just don’t let the officials know you have this! Permanently increase all stats by 5 points, including max Health! Limit 1 per Orton. 60 gold.
    8. Spray Tan Salon: If Orton goes in for a spray tan, he gains +3 to his Charisma modifier for the rest of the day!
    9. Wrestling School: A hive for Old Timers, Smarks, and Indy Wrestlers, Orton can probably find some quick random encounter fights here if he finds himself in the need for some fast gold! If a wrestling class is in session and your Orton is feeling extra saucy, you can try to challenge the teacher to a match!
    10. Arena: Unless there is an event going on as dictated by the story or a random encounter, the arena is empty, save for 2 guards posted at the door and 1 janitor inside. If Orton searches through the arena he will find an infinite amount of folding chairs and 1 ladder. If Orton wants to take any of the weapons he will have to sneak past the guards and janitor, or at least subdue them in some way.
    11. The Miz School of Future Nobodies: Previously known as Truman Elementary, the school was renamed after Miz came into power. Supposedly, a loyal, determined fellow who hustles a lot has been known to linger about the place, handing out t-shirts and balloons and accepting all challenges, so long as they don’t interfere with his schedule.
    12. TV Studio: The local TV studio airs news of the town twice a day and records various MizTV segments 34 times a day. Orton can offer his services as a guest weatherman. If he succeeds at Weathering, he’ll be rewarded for his efforts with 30 gold and a free Kendo Stick (with the studio’s logo on it) once per day!
    13. Temple of Creative: Legend has it from the townspeople that the temple has been responsible for selecting their next leader for generations. Truthfully, it’s been in the control of a terrible wizard known as Vince McManz for some time. Nestled near the Spooky Forest Full of Spiders, Orton should tread carefully here.
    14. Miz Manor: The residence of Mizville’s mayor is large, glamourous, and overly extravagant considering the town is in a recession.
    15. Spooky Forest Full of Spiders: It’s SPOOOOOOOKY!

And today’s Orton reveal is High Elf Wizard Orton! Teleporting in from a land of magic and mystery, High Elf Wizard Randy Orton is ready to battle with his most powerful spells! He may not be the strongest Orton in the galaxy, but he more than makes up for it with his ability to attack multiple opponents or make them run away!

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