Life in Mizville is hard and dangerous, but fortunately Orton is well equipped to handle it! Much like the adventuring discussed yesterday, all combat is controlled with the simple roll of a d20. As you may have noticed on the character cards like the one featured below, there is a helpful table that tells you what your d20 roll equates to in damage points. So for the “Viper” Randy Orton, rolling a “4” would equal 3 damage, a “9” would be 4 damage, a “13” would be 5 damage and a “16” would be 7 damage. It’s pretty easy if you keep the character card handy. The opposite is also true for the opponents, only the GM rolls for them.
Several of the Ortons and their opponents have their own abilities and effects that come into play. For example, the Viper Randy Orton has an ability where he poisons opponents if he hits them due to an attack roll of 10 or higher. When poisoned, opponents are dealt two points of damage at the end of their turn (after they attack). Likewise, some opponents have their own abilities that come into play during combat. The Legendary Adventurer Ryback, for example, gets 1 point of health back after he attacks, thanks to his “Feed Me More” Special Effect. When two of these abilities come into conflict, like if Ryback is poisoned at two health after an attack, and you don’t know which effect comes into play first, use Orton’s first. Why? Because it’s his goddamn game, that’s why!
Of course combat (and life) with Randy Orton would mean nothing without RKOs, right? RKOs are controlled with a different kind of die. A special die. A RKO die. Each Orton starts out with 4 six sided RKO dice that can be rolled for a chance to RKO an opponent. When a player decides he’s had enough of someone, he can attempt to RKO by rolling all of his RKO dice at once. If he manages to get at least one of each letter, Randy successfully hits them with a RKO! If the roll fails it will initiate combat unless you can talk your way out of it.
Four RKO dice may not seem like much to start with, but as you progress through your adventure you’ll be able to get more through certain items or as rewards from the GM for roleplaying Randy Orton accurately or just being creative and funny. Above is a printable template for an RKO dice. If you’re boring (or don’t have a printer!) you can also use a normal six sided die, just treat rolls of 1 and 2 as a “R”, 3 and 4 as a “K”, and 5 and 6 as an “O”.