What is a blog without accountability? If an author is unable or unwilling to look back at his previous work and say “I was wrong!” then they are no better than an elephant digging around in the dirt with a stick! I am better than that, and to prove it here is a look back at my predictions for 2014 from 2013.

2014 Predictions: Performance Enhancing
Boy, who would’ve thought El Torito would still be around? I remember him being played out at the time too. Well obviously WWE hasn’t started training fans (anymore than they normally do) so I guess this one’s a miss. I should get bonus points though for drawing Jamie Noble though (that’s him in the far right). If I’d known he’d be a weekly fixture on WWE programming, I would’ve spent more time trying to get him to look right.

2014 Predictions: Future Impacts
Hm, this is a tough one to call as a hit or a miss because I left it fairly vague. I remember feeling bold for predicting that TNA would still be in business by the end of 2014, or at least not have been sold to someone else. While they’re still in business, they’re not on Spike anymore, so I guess ultimately this prediction was a miss. Taz is still with the company though, but he’ll presumably not be hollering about Bellator anymore, but rather about Ghost Stalkers or Ghost Asylum.

2014 Predictions: Sin Cara Shoots!
Finally, a hit! Well, Sin Cara may have had a successful shoot interview or two, I’m not really sure, but he was officially fired on March 26th and that’s good enough for me. I’m actually surprised they held onto him for that long, but maybe they did it out of spite. That seems to be a big thing for the WWE. What I would have never predicted though is that they would keep the character around on NXT. I guess they have a big box of masks somewhere that they have to sell off!

So, one out of three. Maybe I’m going a little easy on myself by calling the last one a hit, but I’ve been reading a lot of other prediction articles lately that make “bold” predictions like “John Cena won’t turn heel” and “John Cena will win the World Title again, matching Ric Flair’s record” so I think I deserve a break.