Alright, so March third will mark the fourth year since I started Botched Spot! Yeah! Of course I can’t really claim that I’ve been doing it for four years straight due to the extended breaks I took to work on school stuff, but it’s still a few years longer than I originally thought I’d be doing it. So to celebrate I’m going to finally update the look and layout of Botched Spot. I want to give a window for myself in case there are any complications, so I’m aiming for everything to switch over at some point on Saturday, but I’ll have it ready by Monday for sure. So if things look a little wonky over the weekend, it’s all for a good cause. It may even result in an appearance by an old school commie wrestler… So be sure to check back on Monday. Thank you all for reading and supporting Botched Spot! I wouldn’t have even made it four months if it wasn’t for having people come here!