So just as it was tradition for me to do 2012 predictions at the start of the year, I must also review my predictions for 2011 from a year ago. It was my third time trying to predict the future, and while I had a pretty good track record leading up to it, I can’t say I did too well. Let’s take a look!

First Prediction: The WWE will finally revamp their ridiculous Pay Per View schedule, but instead of removing shows as most people are hoping, they add ten more!

Well, that was wrong. The same number of PPV’s were kept, unfortunately, although they did change some of the names. I read somewhere that the number was reduced back down to 12 PPV’s for this year though. So I was wrong, but glad to be wrong.

Second Prediction: Matt Hardy will join TNA and reform the Hardy Boyz …Right before Jeff Hardy finally has his court date and goes to jail.

Matt joined TNA. Jeff had his court date and went to jail. Nailed it! Sure, they may have squeaked a tag match or two in there before all of their problems took them away from wrestling, but I’m still counting it.

Third Prediction: On the heels of “Legendary” and “The Chaperone” WWE [Studios] continues producing heart warming coming of age movies about kids with a WWE superstar playing [their] mentor. No matter how formulaic it gets.

Well, the year started off with “The Chaperone” and “That’s What I Am.” These were two wholesome movies about kids learning and growing and having wrestlers around them. But then came “Inside Out” and “The Reunion”. Triple H traded his fanny pack jokes for guns, and instead of Randy Orton going to the papers, John Cena was doing something involving shooting. So that’s two kids movies and two action movies… hm… I don’t want any ties, so I’m going to call this one a miss due to a technicality- In “That’s What I Am” Randy Orton played the father to a bully, rather than a mentor to the protagonist.

So that’s it for my 2011 predictions. One out of three. Not my best, but there’s always this year. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for Hulk Hogan adopting a baby.