Hey everybody!

How about those No Mercy predictions, huh?  Not too bad, although I made pretty safe choices and I did miss one.  It sounded like a good show though from everything I’ve heard.

I’m not too big on WordPress right now because of its “Comments” section… I’ll try to keep this brief, but the program I use to make this fine web-comic, WordPress/ ComicPress, shows me all of the comments people post before actually posting them so I can filter out the spam.  ANYWAY last week I approved three comments and then marked like 80 other spam messages as spam, and for whatever reason WordPress decided to delete all of them.  So if you commented recently and it’s not showing it’s not because I hate you!  It’s because WordPress hates me.  I am going to be more careful with the comment filtering in the future though, so if you have something to say, please keep saying it!

But for a big update for the site…. As you may have noticed, the past few weeks I’ve been pretty spotty with my updates.  I still love doing this comic, don’t get me wrong, but all of my late/ infrequent updates lets me know that my heavy school schedule is taking too much of my time and I’m going to be cutting my update schedule from 3 times a week- Monday, Wednesday, Friday to 2 times a week- Tuesday and Friday.  So I’m sorry to people who liked the more strips per week, but I’d rather have a lighter schedule that I can manage than keep missing updates and disappearing for a week.

This schedule will just be temporary and I’ll get back to the three times a week update schedule eventually, but for now we’ll see how this works out.  Thanks for reading though, and I hope you’ll continue to (with one less strip it’ll be easier, right?).



Aaaand for the record (or legal aspects?) I got Raven’s contract for the “Contractual Obligations” strip from this site: