Hey everybody!

Thanks to everyone for sticking with me and being supportive during that week (and a half-ish?) of no updates.  I got bogged down with school stuff, but now things seem to finally be on track.  I really appreciate the support and positive comments from people, that always helps for motivation!

Even though it comes on in just a few hours, here are my No Mercy predictions.  Even though I won’t be getting it, the show looks like it’ll be awesome, and I’m really envious of my sister and her husband who are actually going to the show up in Portland.  Most sporting events I’m watching now are free (like seeing Kimbo Slice getting TKO’d in ten seconds last night on EliteXC…) but that’s for another time.  On with the predictions!


Rey Mysterio vs. Kane

I already shared my thoughts on the thrown together nature of this match in an earlier strip, so I’ll keep my comments to picking Rey as the winner.  Putting his mask on the line pretty much guarantees a win for Mysterio.

Women’s Championship Match- Beth Phoenix vs. Candice Michelle

While I think Beth is a better performer and gold with Santino, I think I’m picking Candice for the win here.  With all of her injuries I can’t imagine how long she’ll be able to wrestle, so I imagine the WWE will want to get as much out of her as they can now.

ECW Championship Match- Matt Hardy vs. Mark Henry

Matt Hardy?  I guess?

Number One Contender’s Match- Batista vs. JBL

These two have fought before, and it wasn’t anything too notable.  I’m curious if Orton will appear somewhere in this match though, or for that matter at any point in the night.  I’m more interested in writing about Orton than this match.  But anyway, I pick Batista to win.

WWE Championship Match- Triple H vs. Jeff Hardy

It seems like the ‘E is pushing Kozlov pretty hard right now into a feud with Triple H, so I’m not too sure how much of a chance Jeff has, especially after his recent airport incident.  In the past these two have put on good matches though, so I think this’ll be good regardless, even with a possible Kozlov interference.

The Undertaker vs. The Big Show

Reports of the Undertaker’s hurt knees have me picking The Big Show for this match.  Show hasn’t been used a whole lot since Mania, so I’m guessing this will lead into another good run for ol’ Paul Wight.

World Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match- Chris Jericho vs. Shawn Michaels

In what looks to be the best match of the night, I think Jericho will manage to retain his title and go on to feud with Batista.  Jericho’s been on fire lately, and if this is the last match of this feud (as was rumored), it’s been a great one.


Even though I don’t see a lot of upsets happening, I still think a lot of the matches will be really great. If nothing else, it is the show the best wrestling video game ever made was named after, so that always makes it special to me!

Thanks for reading everyone!