Oh, poor ol’ J.R.  Will he ever learn?  I actually thought the commentary on last night’s Smackdown was pretty good.  J.R. obviously has the goods no matter where he is, and I think Triple H summed up the brand switches pretty well in his opening speech where he pointed out it’s all pretty much the same fans, regardless of brands.

And while I liked the draft moves it seemed strange to have all the people who were just drafted staying on their old show for this week.  Like Kane got drafted to RAW… so why was he in the main event of ECW?  Maybe they’re just ironing out the kinks, but it wasn’t the best way to kick off a draft in my opinion.

And I imagine that most of the ironing will be done tomorrow night at the Night of Champions PPV.  The whole draft has turned what was a mediocre looking card into a much more interesting one given the current title picture.  I don’t know how it’s all going to shake out, but here’re my predictions for the pay per view…


Chris Jericho if he has a match for the IC Title

No match has been announced yet for the Intercontinental Title, but if there is, I imagine Jericho will be the one to hold onto it.  Of course after the draft he is one of the bigger stars on RAW, and that title can be an albatross around his neck.


Matt Hardy vs. Chavo Guerrero for the United States Championship

What was once a beer match now becomes a beer match that you ask your friend who won once you get back to your seat.  The draft has put a question mark over this match as to whether or not the US title, a staple of Smackdown, will move to ECW.  I can’t possibly imagine the ECW ratings improving with the title added to it, but I also can’t see it going to Chavo.  Well then I blindly pick Chavo Guerrero to win it.


Hardcore Holly and Cody Rhodes vs. Ted DiBiase Jr. and a MYSTERY PARTNER!!! for the World Tag Team Championships

While it was first heavily rumored that DH Smith would be Ted Jr.’s partner, I don’t really see that playing out now that Smith is a Smackdown wrestler.  I’ve also heard pure speculation that Cody is the partner and will turn on Holly, but that sounds a little too complicated for the WWE officials.  Either way I see Ted DiBiase Jr. and his MYSTERY PARTER!!! winning.


Natalya vs. a MYSTERY OPPONENT for the new Diva’s Championship

Now this will be where DH Smith is revealed.   And Natalya will win.


Finlay and Hornswaggle vs. Morrison and The Miz for the WWE Tag Team Championships

Bless the hearts of those children that cheer Hornswaggle.  To have that youth and enthusiasm….  I just don’t know what I’d do.  But in the mean time I have to say that there’s no way that Morrison and Miz lose the belts.  I still think it’ll be interesting to see where they go when ECW starts being taped before RAW in August.


Mickie James vs. Katie Lee Birch… ah…we all know Mickie‘s going to win.


Mark Henry vs. Kane vs. Big Show for the ECW Title

I feel the same way about this match that I do the US title match.  I mean I’ll be interested to see who wins.  And as for who wins… I guess I see the real “upset” title changes happening for the big two shows, so while it’s hard for me to imagine Mark Henry winning it after jobbing out so much lately, it’s harder for me to imagine anything else.  So I pick Mark Henry!


Edge vs. Batista for the World Heavyweight Championship

Alright… it seems to be the consensus with every speculation that I’ve seen that only one of the main two titles is changing hands.  Now that’s just fan opinion, not a rumor of any kind, but going along with that mentality, I say that Edge retains!  His relationship with Vickie and La Familia won’t be the same without the World Title, and I think it’d be a way better storyline to have H chasing him for the strap.


Cena vs. Triple H for the WWE Championship

Seeing as how I have Edge winning the WHC, I guess that means I pick Cena to win the WWE Championship.  …Possibly with Edge interference?  I don’t really know who Cena would feud with afterwards though…  Crazy WWE draft!


Alright, I don’t know how successful my predictions will be…  I mean, this is a pretty hard Pay Per View to predict!  I think it’ll be a good one though, and hopefully we’ll have some resolution after it.  Anyway, thanks for reading and thanks for the comments!