Hey, everybody!

Wow… what a draft!  To start off, I thought the whole draft show was awesome, by FAR better than last year’s.  This was the opposite of last year’s unimaginative drafts, with everyone being at least an upper midcarder and has the potential bring lots of change to their new brand.  And besides the drafts, the matches throughout the night were solid as well, with a return of the Hardy boys and another Cena vs. Edge bout.  Even the JBL vs. Kofi Kingston match was really good.

But the only thing I didn’t like… was that stupid, stupid ending!  I know I shouldn’t judge so prematurely, but it just seemed insulting to me with them trying to make it seem legit with Vince calling out for “Paul”, not to mention it coming almost a year to the day after the Benoit tragedy.  And I think worst of all it totally overshadowed what should have been the biggest shocker of the night, Triple H being drafted to Smackdown.

Well, the only thing I think was more surprising for me was JR to Smackdown! While after considering it a little more I think it could wind up being a pretty good move, when I first saw good ol’ JR’s face on the titantron it was a bit of a gut punch.

And while I’m happy to see so much talent headed towards Smackdown to level the playing field, as a diehard Kennedy fan, I was a little disappointed to see him go to a brand where he has to compete with guys like HHH and Jeff Hardy for the top face spot.

As for the bottom of the spot, the supplemental draft held today contained a couple of surprises, but most of them were more like “HE’S still around?!” rather than “wow, DH Smith is totally going to change the face of Smackdown!”

But DH Smith being on Smackdown seems to eliminate the rumor of him being Ted DiBiase Jr.’s partner this Sunday.  But then again with all the titles being mixed around and on different shows (Jericho’s the number one singles champ on RAW, yeah!) who knows what’ll happen.  But the bottom line is that the draft made me eager to watch Smackdown, Night of Champions, and even ECW.

I mean, I still didn’t watch ECW.  But I thought about it.  And that’s a start.


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P.S. And as for my predictions… Super Crazy to ECW?  I got it.  I’ve totally got it aaall figured out.