Welcome to “Over like Olav,” the new section of Botched Spot featuring the adventures of Olav Orlav as he makes his way through the world of wrestling!

Now when I title this post “back by popular demand,” while there are no angry mobs of people really demanding anything from me, this whole endeavor is because of readers (like you, if you’re reading this) who said that they missed Olav and wanted him to come back. A lot of wrestling fans write plenty of funny and entertaining stuff about the WWE and other wrestling promotions on the internet, but with Olav being my own creation it really means something to me that people wanted to see him back.

As I mentioned on the main Botched Spot blog, “Over like Olav” will be updated less frequently, but with more comics the main parody strips. I’m hoping to update at least once a month with four to six comic strips which will contain a whole storyline. I realize it may seem like Olav’s being pushed to the back of the site, but I really think this will be for the best so the work isn’t rushed or forced.

In the future I’m planning on finding a way to have a thumbnail of the most recent comic on the Botched Spot main page so people don’t have to click and see if Olav’s been updated. I’ll also post updates through facebook or the Botched Spot blog to let people know when something new is up.

So thanks for reading and wanting Olav back! I hope you like the comic, the website, and find it all entertaining.