Current Gimmick: Old School Commie Heel!
Age: 57 years
In ring experience: 50 Years
Signature moves: Big Boot
Olav started wrestling at an early age, fighting for scraps of food at county fairs. After learning to wrestle under the tutelage of Olav Orlav Senior, he became a big star in the 70’s as an evil Russian communist, leading to him holding ⅓ of the Mid Southwest Tennessee Six Man Titles. After the USSR collapsed in 1991 the gimmick quickly fell out of popularity, but Olav refused to change with the times no matter how adversely it affected his career.

Current Gimmick: A Green Horn Blue Chipper with a Heart of Gold!
In ring experience: 0 years
Signature moves: Diving elbow
After graduating high school Rad Bad received the only gift he’d ever wanted: his Mom’s permission to join a wrestling school! He still doesn’t have many matches under his belt, but the amount of time he’s spent practicing flips on his trampoline are immeasurable.

Boss Tom
Current Gimmick: The No-Nonsense Wrestling Promoter!
Age: 56
In ring experience:40
Signature moves: Cross chop from the second rope.
When “Tomahawk” Tom hung up his wrestling boots at age fifty, he retired from a wrestling career that included World Championship runs, sell out crowds, and trips across the world. While Tom hated to let it all go, he knew his time as a wrestler had passed and he began a new career as the promoter of Possum Trot Championship Wrestling and the owner of the PTCW wrestling school back in his hometown.

The Meat
Current Gimmick: Big Ol’ Tough Guy
In ring experience: 4 years
Signature moves: Turnbuckle splash
After going through several ill-fated jobs like being a radio DJ and an assistant manager at a video rental store, “The Meat” finally set his mind on a job he actually wanted: becoming a professional wrestler. While he hasn’t been at it long, he remains committed to the craft and is happy to be involved.

Jill Of All Trades
Current Gimmick: Every “Day Job” Gimmick From The 90’s (And Then Some)!
Age: 32
In ring experience: 6
Signature moves: Springboard Cutter
After graduating from performing arts school Jill found that getting a job as an actress was harder than she thought it would be. After years of mixed success with auditions, Jill rediscovered her childhood love of professional wrestling and decided put her artistic talents to use there. As an homage to her favorite “day job” gimmicks from the 90’s, Jill comes out with a different career each match- utility worker, postal carrier, stenographer- all with the same goal of paying off her student loans.

Russell Ruddson
Current Gimmick: Undercover Reporter!
Age: 24
In ring experience: Zero!
Biography: Russell has a strong will to be involved in the wrestling business, but not a strong body to go with it. Dedicated to making his wrestling blog successful, Russell took a job bussing tables at a Mexican restaurant next to PTCW so he could sneak food over there as part of a “catering” service, all the while scooping up wrestling secrets.