Over Like Olav updated! It’s a Christmas miracle! I wanted to do some type of Olav story for Christmas, and my wife helped come up with this one after seeing Mick Foley’s “I Am Santa Claus” documentary (streaming on Netflix for easy viewing). While I wasn’t too excited about seeing it going in, I actually enjoyed the movie quite a bit. I had never given any thought to the life of a Santa impersonator before, so it was interesting to learn that they come from all backgrounds and walks of life. I distinctly remember one mall Santa I saw as a kid having black eyebrows despite his fluffy white beard, so to learn that there’s any discipline at all when it comes to portraying the Jolly Old Elf came as a surprise to me.

I was also surprised at how NSFKids it was, given the subject matter. In it you see Kris Kringle curse, get drunk, and pose provocatively… It didn’t bother me necessarily, but I guess when I think of Santa and Mick Foley (these days) I think of “kid friendly” so it came as a shock to see Santas doing things like giving a tour of an orgy bar. Anyway, Happy Holidays from Olav, Rad Bad, and Botched Spot!