Like all of the fans in the Raw audience Monday night, I went from hating “Roman Reigns”, the character, to feeling devastated for Joe Anoaʻi, the man playing him. I’ve given Roman Reigns a lot of crap over the past few years for being pushed when I didn’t want him to be, but seeing him come out with that open, honest moment about his leukemia made me feel so much sympathy for this man that I’ve goofed on so many times. He made me feel a little better when he thanked everyone who cheered and booed him, which isn’t really something I expected to happen when he’s the one with cancer and I’m just a jerk with a drawing tablet.

Anyway, I’m just saying this because I really hope he gets better and comes back stronger than ever, and continues to have some of the best matches in WWE. Also I wanted to share this sign my wife and I made for Roman way back when the Shield first showed up. His hair has always been fabulous.