Over the weekend WWE released Darren Young, Emma, and Summer Rae, three wrestlers who I think had a lot of untapped potential. To better remember them, I drew my favorite version of each of the wrestlers from their WWE career:

Darren Young from the original version of NXT. CM Punk was so grumpy and Darren Young was so positive that it was a fun pairing. I was also probably the only person who liked his Bob Backlund mentorship, but I wanted to draw CM Grump more than crazy ol’ Bob.

Emma when she turned heel in NXTShe came across as such a tough badass and her pairing with Dana Brooke was just perfect! I think the whole “Emmalina” rebranding debacle really hurt her stock with fans, but she did such great job changing from her original bubble popping character I think she eventually could have recovered.

Summer Rae when she was briefly acting as Rusev’s valetI’ll always think of Rusev as “RuRu” after this. Rae really made the most out of her summer romance with Rusev and it’s too bad the angle was dropped so quickly.