"Two Tickets to Raw," April 18th, 2016

My feelings on going to live WWE events last year.


When Raw came to St. Louis last year I couldn’t bear the thought of going. Coming off of Wrestlemania 32, the main storylines going on were about Roman Reigns being the world champion and the McMahon siblings fighting over who would control Raw. It just wasn’t something I wanted to support with my hard earned money! Now, a year later, I didn’t think twice about buying tickets to a NXT live event coming up next week. It’s put on by the same company, but with fewer big stars and no storyline development. So why did I buy tickets without hesitation?


Asuka has been the highlight of NXT for me since she started there in 2015. She’s an amazing champion who has been booked strong and I want to let WWE know I’ll pay to see her wrestle. She’s also in the middle of a feud with Ember Moon, and I’m hoping it results in a long match at this show.


Shinsuke Nakamura???

He’s listed as appearing at the NXT Live event, but I know he was just drafted to Smackdown Live, although I think he’s too big of a star for them to just take off of live events, though I know they always say “talent subject to change”, but I know he’s been at other NXT Live events lately… I’ll be disappointed if he’s not there, but I won’t let it ruin the show for me.


Bobby Roode’s “Glorious” Theme (and Bobby Roode too)

While I was only a mild fan of his during his time with TNA, Roode has been a great shot of energy for NXT, playing a snobby elitist heel that the brand hasn’t really had before. And yes, I look forward to singing along with his theme when he makes his entrance.



D.I.Y. are the only tag team listed, but I’m sure they’ll have an amazing match whether they fight the Authors of Pain, Heavy Machinery, or anyone else.


NXT Seating Chart

Is is still a sold out crowd if only 1/3 of the seats are available?

The Audience

The crowd at this place will be intimate. Like, super intimate. I’m not exactly sure how many seats will be filled, but the arena it’s at only holds 10,000 people and more than half of it is cut off, so it doesn’t seem like a lot of people will be there. That can be a good thing though (for me, not the people making money off of ticket sales) because the people there will hopefully be dedicated and invested fans who make a lot of noise all night long.


House shows can be a lot of fun!

It’s been a few years since I’ve been to a house show, but it’s always a good chance to see what new feuds are coming up and to see wrestlers trying new moves. It’s also a great way to check out new wrestlers who haven’t debuted yet. The WWE’s women’s tournament is coming up soon, so maybe I’ll get to see some people trying out for it?



Speaking of trying new things… just watch:

This gives me so many feelings. Like it’s funny, but then I feel guilty for laughing, but then I’m sure she can’t be serious, but then I JUST DON’T KNOW! I have to see more of her drunken Elaine dancing though.


Possibly getting a new collector cup?

Collector Cup

Mine is so outdated!


Okay, so the last couple might not be that sincere, but there are still plenty of things to look forward to! I’m really interested to see how many people show up, because I haven’t seen any advertisements for the show and the only way I found out about it was I happened to see it mentioned on twitter. I’ll post thoughts and reactions to the show when it’s all said and done!