While I really only consider myself a casual TNA fan, I’ve been watching it quite a bit more lately. Part of it is for my Patreon exclusive webcomic, “What You Missed in Wrestling”, available for only $1 a month (cheap plug), but also because I’ve really enjoyed a lot of the new stars that TNA is focusing on now that most of their roster has left. Seeing wrestlers like EC3, Mike Bennett, Maria, Eli Drake, Jade, and others coming to the forefront has helped me renew my interest in TNA enough to actually order Slammiversary this Sunday.

At nine matches, the card is pretty stacked, and while not all the matches are must-see, I still think it will still be a good show. Let’s get into some predictions!

Jade vs. Sienna for the TNA Knockouts Championship
While Jade may have started out as Dollhouse member number 3, she quickly shed that roll to become a legitimate force to be reckoned with. I’m having trouble remembering her feuding with anyone other than Gail Kim, so I’ll be interested to see how she does with the newcomer (to TNA anyway), Sienna.
Who will win: While I want Jade to win, I’m predicting Sienna will take home the gold to help build her role as Maria’s muscle.

Trevor Lee vs. Andrew Everett vs. DJZ vs. Eddie Edwards for the X-Division Championship
I honestly haven’t been following the X-Division as closely as the other divisions in TNA. Wasn’t the champion, Trevor Lee, just fighting against TNA for Team GFW not even a year ago? I like Helms being brought in as a manager, but I guess Lucha Underground has spoiled me when it comes to cruiserweights.
Who will win: I’m not sure what the timetable is for Davey Richards to return, but I’m predicting Eddie Edwards will finally put Trevor Lee away and win the title.

The Tribunal vs. Grado and Mahabali Shera
While I enjoyed their work in NXT, Dax and Baraka are a weird pairing for Al Snow, especially when going up against Grado and Shera. Al said that he originally attacked Grado because he’s angry at rookies, and then he shows up with the Tribunal who are fresh out of his school. Also the French gimmick is just begging for fans to chant USA, but the only American is Snow! I’m probably overthinking it.
Who will win: The Tribunal, despite being attacked with bellies and turkey legs.


Eli Drake vs. Bram for the TNA King of the Mountain Championship
Eli’s becoming one of TNA’s best new stars. He’s got a kind of unpredictable humor like Dean Ambrose, but unlike Ambrose, Eli’s doesn’t have a giant glass ceiling above him. I really hope Eli wins because a lengthy title reign would do a lot to help establish him as a legitimate competitor.
Who will win: E, Li, Drake

Gail Kim vs. Maria
While I’m glad to see Gail Kim finally get an opportunity to beat up Maria, I wish there was something on the line in this match, like Maria’s position as leader of the knockouts. I’m not sure what the match quality will be like because I haven’t seen Maria wrestle since she was fresh out of the Divas Search, but I’m sure Kim can carry her through to something decent.
Who will win: I’m guessing Maria will win thanks to interference from her three associates, Ellie, Sienna, and Mike.

Decay vs. The BroMans
Decay embody every Hot Topic stereotype I normally hate, but I still really enjoy seeing them on Impact every week. To be honest I’d just about given up on Abyss after he was a part of The Revolution a year ago, but I like him a lot more with Crazzy Steve (who I was never big on) and Rosemary. I’m not much of a Bro Mans guy and even less of a Gabi from Tough Enough guy, so I’m really hoping Decay pull through on this one.
Who will win: Decay because the Bro Mans need more “training” videos with Gabi/Raquel.

Mike Bennett vs. EC3
I’m a huge EC3 fan, so I was a little hurt when Bennett ended Carter’s long running undefeated streak (although I’m glad it was at least a younger, newer name in TNA). This feud has been great to watch, in part because Mike is one of EC3’s few opponents who hasn’t been past his prime. I feel like Bennett can really go toe to toe with EC3 on the mic and in the ring and if this match does end their feud, it’s been a fun ride.
Who will win: EC3. Because I really want him to.


Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy in a Full Metal Mayhem Match
Look, I’ll be honest. A big part of why I’m here is Matt and Jeff’s ridiculous feud. I’ve watched their contract signing video multiple times and I’ve determined that Matt is the perfect kind of heel for me. He’s hatable enough so I want to see him lose, but entertaining enough so I don’t want to see him legitimately gone from TNA. I’m not crazy about Willow coming back (it gives me way too many flashbacks of looking at goofy art projects by goofy art students when I was back in art school), but if that’s the price to pay, I’ll accept it.
Who will win: I’m guessing Jeff will beat Matt with the help of a bunch of Willows and baby dolls.

Drew Galloway vs. Lashley for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship
While I’m honestly not looking forward to this match as much as Bennett vs. EC3 or Matt vs. Jeff, Drew and Lashley are both great in their own right. Lashley’s really been picking up steam as a heel, but considering that Galloway just won the title, I’m predicting Bobby won’t be able to win the gold.
Who will win: Galloway