Only three weeks after Payback comes Extreme Rules, where the only rule is that there are no rules specific rules! For these Extreme Rules predictions I’m doing things a little different- instead of just saying who I think will win, I’m saying what percent of a chance I think they have to win. For example, I’m 88% sure Corbin will beat Ziggler. I’m 100% sure Roman will beat AJ. Let’s get on to my actual predictions before I spoil any other ones!

Baron Corbin faces off against Ziggler again in a No Disqualification Preshow match
Chances that Baron will win: 88%
Chances that they will use more than one weapon: 35%

Given how many “extreme” matches there are at this event, I doubt Baron and Ziggler will use too many weapons in their match for fear of spoiling the crowd for all of the other planned spots on the actual show. I was very surprised when Ziggler won their last Pay Per View match at Payback, and I’d be EXTREMELY surprised if he beat Corbin again.

The New Day defend their titles against The Vaudevillains
Chances that Vaudevillains win: 35%
Chances that WWE shows Enzo’s injury at least three more times: 98%

The Vaudevillains have really stepped it up in the past month, proving a lot of naysayers wrong. I said nay! I’ll admit it! I thought they’d have to change up their gimmick to survive on the main stage, but I think it works as long as we don’t start asking questions like “are they from the past or do they just love the past?” and instead just focus on them being generally mean guys who happen to be old fashioned.


Dean Ambrose challenges Chris Jericho in the first ever Asylum Match!
Chances Dean Ambrose will win: 75%

Given how big of a letdown Ambrose’s Street Fight with Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 32 was, I’m a little cautious when hoping for anything “extreme” in this Asylum Match. Of course I’m never hoping for anyone to get seriously hurt, and I know blood is a lost cause, but if they don’t use at least half of the weapons hanging above the ring, it will be a letdown. Okay, I really just want the nunchucks to be used.

Charlotte defends her Womens Championship against Natalya in a Submission/Ric’s banned from Ringside match!
Chances that Charlotte wins: 95%
Chances Ric shows up anyway: 110%

A lot of naysayers (more naysayers!) have been saying nay to Ric’s involvement in Charlotte’s matches, but to me it’s always just been about a heel manager helping out. Not really good or bad for Charlotte, just something we’ve seen countless times before. I think Charlotte will put Nattie away for good this time and WWE will have her start focusing on the many other women sitting on the sidelines.


Kalisto (with Sin Cara) defends his US Championship against Rusev (with Lana)
Chances that Kalisto wins: 45%
Chances that Sin Cara turns heel: 50%

Since Rusev’s broken away from the League of Nations, I think he’s ready for another shot at the big time! The “big time” being the US Championship, that is. Cena’s coming back too, which would be a nice way to rekindle Cena’s feud with Rusev. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Sin Cara turn on Kalisto either, officially ending their tag team and freeing them up to do bigger things.

Miz defends his Intercontinental Championship against Kevin Owens, Cesaro, and Sami Zayn
Chances that Miz retains: 26%
Chances anyone else will win: 74% divided evenly amongst them.

I’ve really enjoyed the feud between these four men and wouldn’t mind seeing it continue past Extreme Rules. I’d like to see Cesaro win this time, because I’m worried he’s getting lost in the shuffle with Zayn and Owens, but my gut instinct tells me that Miz will eke out a win while everyone else is focused on each other.


Roman Reigns defends his title against AJ Styles in an Extreme Rules match
Chances that Roman wins: 100%
Chances that Usos and the Club interfere: 200%

AJ’s really brought something out in Roman with this feud. A personality. I dug their last match at Payback, despite all of the McMahoning throughout the finish, but I’m guessing their title match this time will have enough going on with the Bloodline and the Clubline to warrant a break from Shane and Steph’s sibling rivalry.

Random other predictions:
Chances that Steph and Shane will have more appearances than anyone else on the card: 72%
Chances that Puerto Rico will face the Social Outcasts: 64%
Chances that the audience will react to any of the wrestlers in the aforementioned match: 12%

Okay, so this was my all-stats edition of predictions, in order to freshen things up and give me more deniability (“Hey, I said there was a 5% chance Nattie could win, so…”). Honestly, even though Raw and Smackdown really drag lately with all of the McMahon promos, the Pay Per View matches almost always deliver, so I’m definitely looking forward to Extreme Rules.