While many people, including myself, have been hard on WWE for PPV overload, I can’t deny that I’m looking forward to this last minute addition of Elimination Chamber. Even though many of the feuds are rushed and underdeveloped, I’m still excited to see the tag team elimination chamber, Owens vs. Cena, and Ambrose fighting for the title. I don’t think we’ll see many big title changes or exciting surprises happening at the show, but I’ve been way off in my past few predictions, so who knows? Let’s dive in!

NXT Flashback: Neville vs. Bo Dallas
I remember liking matches between these two way, way back when I first started watching NXT, so I suppose I should be excited for this too. While Bo’s career has been pretty awful since getting called up, I really enjoy his character and in ring ability, so I hope this feud will push him back into relevancy. I’m a little worried about Neville though, as he would’ve been a much better fit for the Intercontinental Championship Elimination Chamber than falling back on an old NXT feud. I’m predicting Neville to win, mostly because Bo always loses.
Who will win: Neville

Nikki Bella vs. Paige vs. Naomi
It’s great to have Paige back from her time filming Santa movies with the Miz. I feel like the Divas division has been on autopilot for a while now, so I’m hoping Paige wins the title and brings it back into some prominence.
Who will win: Paige

Intercontinental Elimination Chamber: Sheamus vs. Ryback vs. R-Truth vs. King Barrett vs. Rusev vs. Dolph Ziggler for the IC Title
I really think this match could’ve been built better. Or at all. There should be some excitement in that there will be a new IC champion crowned at this show, but instead the title will be prop in the background for Ziggler and Rusev’s feud and Sheamus being a bully. Any of these men could’ve carried the title for the past couple of weeks leading up to the show and it wouldn’t have made a difference. I’m predicting Ziggler will win to add an extra wrinkle to his feud with Rusev.
Who will win: Ziggler

“Lets go Cena!” vs. “Cena Sucks!” “Fight Owens, Fight!
For a feud that’s only two weeks in the making, this has been pretty awesome. The WWE introduced Owens to a whole lot of people as a very legitimate force to be reckoned with and gave Cena a great reason to kick the crap out of him. What more could you want? While I’d love for Owens to win, I don’t think Cena is going to lose to a guy from NXT who’s not even officially called up yet.
Who will win: Cena

Tag Team Elimination Chamber with The New Day vs. Tyson Kidd and Cesaro vs. whatever other teams they got to fill it up.
While this match is going to be a highlight of the show, it really shows the lack of depth in the tag division. I’d like to be excited about guys like Los Matadores and Ascension getting a spot in it, but they’re both too damaged for me to believe they have any shot at winning it. While I could see the WWE finally giving The Prime Time Players or Lucha Dragons a shot with the titles, I’m going to play it safe and pick The New Day to retain.
Who will win: The New Day

Seth Rollins aaand the Authority! vs. Dean Ambrose
I don’t think there’s any chance that Ambrose will win. I love him and I’ve loved this feud, but, like I said in my Payback predictions, I think they’re filling time until Brock comes back for the title. That being said, I’ve really enjoyed Ambrose fighting with Rollins and The Authority. He fits the “anti-Authority” roll much better than Roman Reigns or Randy Orton, who both seem like they’d be fine faces of the WWE compared to the scraggly, unpredictable Ambrose. Since Roman and Dean have been acting extra buddy-buddy lately, I’m thinking Ambrose will get “injured indefinitely” in his match and then Roman will slip into the main event spot to avenge his pal… and get a title shot to boot.
Who will win: Rollins

So that’s the card! In truth there are only a couple of matches I’m truly excited for, but honestly, the Elimination Chamber is a selling point for me. I hate to admit getting excited over a gimmick match, but the chamber truly feels like one of the few special match types left, especially with steel cages being so overexposed and Hell in a Cell matches having peaked when Foley fell off of one almost two decades ago. I’ll be really curious to see if they have the Elimination Chamber end the show or not. I’d hate for Kane to go to interfere in the main event like he always loves to do, only to find out it’s the Intercontinental Championship match.