Despite being one of the filler Pay Per Views and having one of the most predictable main events in history, this show still has a lot going for it. A lot of potentially long term feuds are kicking off and they all look good. And, I’d like to point out that in my predictions for the last three Pay Per Views I’ve correctly predicted all but ONE of the announced matches. That’s pretty good. I mean, that’s better than that Dolphins guy, right? Do you want to know my secret? It’s not the cartoons I’ve been putting at the top. All I do is I pick the safest option and don’t think of anything that happened over a week prior. Let’s dive in!

WWE Network Exclusive PreShow Final Dismantling of Tons of Funk: Cameron vs. Naomi
Okay, so this is NOT one of the feuds I was referring to in the opening paragraph. I really think this match is more about a future Total Divas episode than anything else. While I like Naomi a hundred times more than Cameron, her recent feud with Paige for the Divas Title was fairly lackluster so I think Cameron will win. If nothing else, Cameron is great at getting people to hate her.

The Battle for Ultimate Xenophobic Stereotype: Jack Swagger vs. Rusev
I kind of hate and love Zeb in this current face run. Everything he says comes across as so wrong and yet somehow between his and Lana’s mic skills it stirs some patriotic sensations within me that make me really want to see Swagger win. Unfortunately I don’t think Jack can last as a face against anyone else and I really don’t think he’ll be the one to end Rusev’s win streak. So I’m picking Rusev to win, but Swagger will probably give him the toughest fight so far.

The Match I Really Want to See: Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins
I did a comic touching on this recently, but it’s very strange to me that everyone in the Shield is trying to move on to bigger things, but Ambrose is stuck as the guy who just can’t get over it. I’m totally okay with it though, because Ambrose plays the crazy anti authority role so well. Since Rollins is the one featured in segments with Randy Orton week in and week out I have a feeling he’s going to be moving upwards into feuds with them in the coming months, which means he’ll most likely win against Dean. It’ll be a hell of a fight though and the match I’m looking forward to the most.

The Latest in the Wyatts Neverending Rematch Clause for Losing: The Usos vs. The Wyatt Family
The Wyatts haven’t beaten the Usos yet for the belts, so I’m not really sure why they’re getting a rematch or are even considered to be likely to win. These four are always entertaining together so I’m sure the match will be good regardless. I’m picking the Usos to win, and we’ll probably see them defending against The Ascension before too long.

The Match I Really Want to See #2: AJ Lee vs. Paige
This is another one of those blossoming feuds that I think will be great. Paige’s subtle heel turn has been great to watch, and I’m really glad that AJ is able to be a face while still acting like her normal self (as in not crying or making lame jokes). I think AJ will win, prompting Paige to freak out.

The Match I Really Want to See #3: Bray Wyatt vs. Jericho.
While I’m a big fan of the Wyatts and Jericho, this feud is just starting and I don’t think it’s really found its footing just yet. Like Bray’s speeches to Jericho could be easily inserted into his feud with Cena, and other than the names you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. I’m thinking that the story between these two will be going on for a while though, so I’m predicting that the end will be decided by disqualification, most likely with Jericho winning.

The “So I’m Definitely Not Going To Be In The Main Event Anytime Soon? Okay, I guess…” Championship Battle Royal.
This is another hard one to pick because I’m looking over the list of entrants and seeing only people I think WON’T win. Most are just treading water in the midcard, except… Bo Dallas. Yup, he’s my pick to win. And I think he’ll be a good champ, too. The only other person who stands out as a potential winner would be the Miz, but he’s in his “moneymaker” feud with Sheamus (the moneymaker being his face, that is, not the feud), so I don’t think he’ll win.

The Main Event Fatal 4-Way for the WWE World- Oh Cena’s Winning and We All Know It.
And I’d be a little disappointed if anyone else beat him for the title after he just won it last month. This main event seems too much like painting (booking?) by numbers to be that interesting. Roman being inserted into it is very weird though, seeing how Vickie was fired over letting him into a title match at Money in the Bank a month ago. The rivalry, if you can call it that, between Roman and Cena over the past few weeks has been fairly half assed, though I guess it’s more about giving Reigns a taste of the main event than anything else.

Well maybe I shouldn’t have bragged so much about my prediction prowess beforehand, because now I’m not feeling so hot about my predictions. But that’s a good thing that there aren’t too many safe picks this time around. Maybe Cena winning makes up for the rest.