Wow, we’re off to a great start! Randy Orton week has just begun, and he’s ALREADY gotten someone fired from WWE! Sure, maybe it’s in kayfabe, but I’ll still count it. I’ve gotten some questions about why there is a picture of Randy wearing a mask in the blog post, and it’s because of tradition! When I started Randy Orton week a few years ago I drew different hats on him, then glasses, then beards, and now masks. Next year… I may be out of ideas.

But anyway, it wouldn’t be Randy Orton Week without some games- specifically a way to test your knowledge about the Viper himself! So here we go…


Answers! Do you need them?
A:3; B:1; C:2 (yeah, I know a lot of it is paraphrased, but it was from an interview where they were talking about “method actors” and it was kind of hard to work in there);