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SUMMERSLAM PREDICTIONS!  Let’s get right into it-


MVP vs. Jeff Hardy

I’m thinking Hardy on this one, but I’m not betting money on it.  For either one, I can’t imagine them challenging for the WWE Title by Wrestlemania, and I think the US title is a little beneath them at this point.  I’m mainly guessing a face win because I see this being an early bout to get the crowd in a good mood for the night.

Winners Take All Tag Match

While I like Kofi and love Mickie, there is no one even close to as entertaining as Santino Marella right now on RAW.  I think the interaction with Beth and him has been great thus far, and for me the big question on the outcome of this match isn’t which team will win the titles, but which title Santino and Beth will get.  I’m thinking Santino will get his wish and become Santino Marella, Women’s Champion by the end of the show!

Mark Henry vs. Matt Hardy

I’m thinking Henry will win this one, and while I haven’t been the most faithful ECW viewer as of late, I think the show’s kind of spinning it’s wheels right now and it just seems easier to have a big ol’ heel as champ than shake things up with a face champion.  ALSO, this is one of the few heels I can imagine winning, so that’s playing on this prediction too.

CM Punk vs. JBL

JBL’s great on the mic, but when it comes to the ring work, he’s getting older and reportedly has a bad back to boot, so I can’t see him becoming RAW’s main title holder.  Also thinking about future feuds, I can more realistically see CM Punk defending against Jericho easier than I can see JBL defending against Cena or Batista AGAIN.

Triple H vs. The Great Khali

I think if anyone can pull an entertaining match out of Khali, it’s HHH.  I’m not saying it’ll be good, or even passable, but at least better than the Punjabi Genie’s previous bouts against others like Kane and Batista.

John Cena vs. Batista

This is going to be a huge match, and while it too hasn’t had the longest feud leading into it, I think the star power and ‘special attraction’ness of it makes up for it.  These two have come very far very fast, and while they’re not known for their great wrestling ability, I think it’ll still be a really good match.  I’m mainly picking Batista to win because I think he needs more of a rub than Cena, though I could see Cena winning too.

Edge vs. Undertaker

In probably the hardest match to call in the night, I think I’m picking Edge to win.  I REALLY have trouble seeing Taker coming back just to lose to Edge, but I think in order to sell Edge’s new, ruthless angle, the Rated R Superstar will have to put the Deadman out.  I can even see this happening without any outside interference, but I think Edge will have to cheat or at least cut corners a little bit to win.  Also influencing my opinion is that this will be one more heel win for the show, and more importantly, I see this leading to a possible Wrestlemania 25 main event of Triple H vs. Edge!

That’s right, I’m calling it now!  Triple H vs. Edge at Wrestlemania 25 for the WWE title.  Bold prediction?  Maybe not?  Then maybe Jericho vs. Cena for the World Title at WM 25?  Mark Henry vs. Tony Atlas for the ECW Title?  Alright, I think I’m out of predictions.  I think it’ll be a great show though, and while I won’t personally be watching it, I look forward to reading all the results.

Thanks for reading,