Updated!  A day too late?  A day and a half too late?  Sorry, readers!  I know I’ve been inappropriately unresponsive and slipping on the update schedule lately, and I apologize.  Midterms have been picking up here at school, combined with a down internet, and….

You didn’t come here for excuses, though!  AND in the meantime I learned to draw CM Punk!  And Vince McMahon!  Kinda?

Anyway, I think wrestling as of late has been good.  Real good.  Of course summer’s usually the hardest time for wrestling fans, but with Summerslam comming up in a month things are looking a bit better than previous years. Two years ago we had DX shoved down our throats and Orton vs. Hogan forced upon us.  Last year we had Stone Cold vs. MVP in a beer drinking contest and Batista vs. Khali in a basketball popping match (I may have that wrong).  But now with CM Punk’s win out of nowhere and the Edge/ Vickie drama (which I like) I think things are headed in a pretty good direction.

Of course everything can’t be perfect, and the biggest example of that is CM Punk’s lackluster title reign.  While I liked his win and the fact that he’s champion, couldn’t he win cleanly just once?  Without having to break Snitsky’s nose?

And another thing that’s baffling is what’s going on with Kane.  Sometimes as I lie in bed at night unable to sleep and my thoughts start wondering, I’ll try to imagine what Kane must think when he hears about the creative control Kevin Nash, Hulk Hogan and the like had in WCW.  I imagine Big Show sitting down with him in the locker room and telling Kane all about their ability to refuse stupid storylines and gimmicks as Kane claps his hands and stamps his feet in excitement!

But Kane has no such privileges.  And so he carries… Damien? An Urn?  SOMETHING around with him in a sack and terrifies announcers.  They’re devoting so much time to it on TV/ PPVs it seems like it’ll be something big…  but then again, so did the McMahon’s illegitimate son storyline.

But anyway, thanks for reading, and I’ll see you Saturday.