Hey everybody, and welcome back to botchedspot.com, the place with cartoon wrestlers!

Now that I’m finally done with the school year I’m starting to get a little bit more caught up with wrestling.  Things seem to have been pretty quiet lately to me even taking Vince’s millions into account.  The game show-like give away is barely interesting to me, but what really struck me as surprising was how openly he admitted on Monday that it was all for the ratings and trying to win back old fans.  I’m not sure what the purpose of revealing all that was, but I guess it can’t hurt.

I’m trying to get excited for the draft, but after remembering last year’s it’s a little deflating.  Torrie Wilson and Chris Masters to Smackdown?  The Boogeyman to ECW?  The only thing it seems to be really good for is getting the best Smackdown talent to RAW so they can be shuffled into the undercard *cough* Carlito and Kennedy *cough*.  And considering the way the brand split has been eased up as of late, they could probably just keep people on a certain show and no one would even realize it.  The whole thing might be a breath of fresh air, but I’m not betting on it.

What I am interested in though is the new women’s title on Smackdown.  Apparently the WWE saw the success TNA was having with their women’s division and decided to expand their own.  Of course the fact that they’ve called the title the “Diva’s Championship” and in order to get a shot at winning it the divas had to win a “Golden Dreams Match” by pulling a gold star off of a pole suggests they may have missed the point, but it should still be interesting.  But a “Golden Dreams Match”?  I was half expecting Bea Arthur to run out and eat Kelly Kelly.  I was glad to see that Natalya won since I think it’s safe to say she’s the best diva on the show.  She is a little catch-phrase happy though.  And her catch-phrase “mess with the best and go down with the rest”?  Not the greatest…

I am pretty excited about a RAW house show that I’m going to tonight however.  I’m only back in Northern California for summer break for a couple weeks so it’s pretty fortunate for me that it’s taking place while I’m here.  Wrestling comes up here pretty rarely (and reportedly even less so now that Arco Arena’s too small for the new HD sets- how embarrassing!) so I’m looking forward to it.  Even though they’re not taped, I always find house shows to be pretty fun and sometimes even more so than going to the actual TV shows considering the more personal nature of the event.  It should be fun though, and with HHH, Umaga, Kennedy, Santino, and Mickie James on the card, I’m sure I’ll leave happy.