Boy, and I thought I hated Randy Orton’s music before!

Hey Everyone,

I just thought I’d comment on how far off my predictions were for Judgement Day.  I got the Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Jericho bought right as well as the tag team match, although for the wrong reasons.  I guess sometimes when tag matches seem thrown together they really are just thrown together.  I also kinda guessed the World Heavyweight Championship match right, although no one walked away with the belt.  But 3 out of 6?  Back at Wrestlemania 21 I guessed all but one match right and won like twenty bucks from it out of a poll with my friends.

Of course it’s hard to tell who will be booked what for where with all of the suspensions going on…  Regal…  It’ll be interesting to see what comes out of that story.  One thing’s for certain though, now I’m almost kind of starting to barely believe that the Wellness Policy could be real.  Maybe.  It hasn’t seemed to keep Jeff back at all since his return last Monday, what with a win over Umaga on his night back and a PPV win over MVP (which I’m pretty sure I could’ve predicted that one right) so we’ll see if it holds Regal back.  For the first time in… ever?  I’ve started to really dig his heel character since it has more weight to it than just the fact that he’s British.

Anyway, thanks for reading!