Alright, time to try something new. When I originally started Over Like Olav I didn’t like the idea of posting infrequently, so I figured to balance it out every update would be a complete story. Unfortunately, I think the idea of posting in giant chunks of story led to me putting it off longer because it would require so much time to plan it all out and do all of the work. Kind of like I needed a big chunk of time to work on Olav, which I never had, so I never did anything beyond writing out ideas. So now I’m trying something different where I’ll update one strip at a time in hopefully more frequent posts. I’m still not promising a regular schedule (I would LOVE to be able to update Botched Spot five times a week, but all the time is hard to find) but I’m hoping this will be easier to manage.

Bottom line is that Over Like Olav will be single strip updates, hopefully more frequently, but still not on a regular schedule. Thanks for your patience, and thanks for reading!