In case you missed it on the comic post today, I’ve started a Patreon Page for Botched Spot (and there are a few Over Like Olav milestone goals on it)! View it at, please!

Just to be clear, the comics on Botched Spot are, have been, will be, free forever. Until the sun explodes into the earth.

In case you’re unfamiliar with what Patreon is, it’s basically a way to support different creators through small monthly donations and get some cool things in return, like behind the scenes info on how my comics are made, wallpapers, extra comics, and other cool things. I really love making comics for all of you to read, and by supporting me through this it will help to make creating comics a main focus in my life.

So please check it out at and feel free to ask any questions here, message me on Patreon, or e-mail me at Thank you for checking it out, and whether you back me or not, thanks for reading!