Olav has returned! And this time I’m super serious about it, dammit! After several attempts and much time spent questioning how exactly I want to handle Olav, I think I’ve found a way to do it. My new solution is to update Over Like Olav weekly, on weekends (either Saturday or Sunday, whenever I get it done). So one update a week, but it’s going to be a larger comic, kind of like a Sunday strip from newspapers. Also, to make it easier to see if Over Like Olav has really updated, I added a widget on the main Botched Spot page to show the latest post. It’s important to me to update it regularly (which eliminated my first attempt at updating “Over Like Olav” whenever I felt like it) but also to not drive myself crazy with updates (which eliminated my brief attempt to update on Tuesdays and Thursdays along with my normal M-W-F Botched Spot comics).

I know that this is the umpteenth time that I’ve tried to rework how I want to handle Olav, but I feel really good about it this time. And to show I’m serious about it I’ve already built a buffer up for the first storyline. So anyway, I hope you enjoy it, and thanks for reading!