I know less than nothing about stocks. My knowledge starts somewhere with GTA5’s stock market and ends with Animal Crossing: New Leaf’s stalk market. But when reports come out that WWE’s stock has dropped 50% and now a new investment firm is demanding that they replace the Executive Management team, I can tell it’s bad. Vince alone lost $357 million! I’m a little worried because as a day one subscriber and firm supporter of the WWE Network (I swear I’m not just promoting it to get the $25 gift card), these problems might ruin it. If the price was raised just a couple of bucks it wouldn’t be too bad, but if they start throwing ads in the middle of shows or removing content I’ll definitely be disappointed.

There is a good analysis of the whole stock situation that Mr. Tito of Lords of Pain recently did. It made me feel better about the whole situation and is worth a read.