What would a game with Randy Orton in it be without swashbuckling adventure?! Granted, “A Viper in Mizville” may not have an intricate grappling system or submissions like WWE2K16, my direct competition, but one benefit is that all you need is a 20 sided dice (d20) or an online dice roller (Wizards of the Coast has a good one)! Also, this game has much faster load times!

First, a word about RPGs… Much like D&D, Pathfinder, QAGS, and all the other roleplaying games before it, this RKOPG requires at least two people: a player to have fun, and a game/ dungeon master (GM) to control the fun. So the GM will be telling the background on the story and controlling all of the opponents (“It’s a bright and sunny day and a group of kids are buying ice cream from an ice cream man. What do you want to do?”) and the player will control the main character (“I attack the ice cream man!”) Then it’s up to the GM to roll for the ice cream man, determine what the kids can do, and lead the player towards the main story. It’s more fun than it sounds!

When adventuring in this RKOPG, the action is all controlled with one d20 per player and the different numbers on the die will equate to different levels of success. 1-5 is a failure, 6-10 is a low success, 11-15 is a moderate success, and 16-20 is a high success. So if you’re doing something basic, like breaking down a door, a 4 wouldn’t make the door budge, an 8 would bust it enough so you can slip through, but maybe take 2 points of splinter damage, a 14 would break it outright, and a 20 would pop open the door perfectly without doing hardly any damage or making a sound. The GM will have a certain level of control over the situation too.

There are also ability modifiers that come into play for Body, Mind, and Charisma. The first, Body, controls everything physical that your character does, like running, jumping, sneaking, breaking open doors, knocking two people’s heads together, etc. The second, Mind, controls knowledge and your perception, so like searching for things, listening, playing chess, etc. The last one, Charisma, comes into play whenever you try to persuade someone, through threatening them, sweet talking them, flirting, telling a sob story, etc.
For example, Or-Tron (pictured above) has a Body bonus of +5, so if he was rolling against the aforementioned door, it would be impossible for him to fail. However, he has a Charisma modifier of -5, so if he’s trying to convince someone to help him out, he’ll need to roll an 11 to not just fail outright. BUT Security Guards, enemy wrestlers, and other monsters in general will have their own resistance for Body, Mind, and Charisma too, as outlined in their entries in the “Monster Manual” which will be coming out with everything else on Friday. For example, Security Guards (pictured below) have a resistance to Charisma to where you have to roll an 11 or higher to succeed, but since Or-Tron has a -5 to Charisma, he has to roll a 16 (you roll a 16, then subtract the 5 from Orton’s modifier to get an 11). You will be able to buy items during the adventure that can increase your ability modifiers too, so that will help.

Here are some other common opponents you’ll find yourself facing!




And what about combat and, more importantly, RKOs??? That will have to wait for another update!