I both hate and love predicting wrestling shows. I hate it because I’m usually wrong on all of them, but on the other hand if I get one match right I feel like a wrestling savant. It’s hard to not guess who the winner of the Royal Rumble will be though. Every year the Rumble is one of the most fun pay per view events, and this year looks to be no different. Actually I think it’s going to be even better this year with there only being one world title. While the World Title unification had its fair share of critics, I think the Royal Rumble is way more interesting now that you KNOW the winner is going to be in the ‘Mania main event. Not like the opener “main event” for the World Heavyweight Title, but they will close the show, or at least close to the end.

Anyway, on to the matches:

WWE Tag Team Championship match:
The Rhodes Brothers vs. The New Age Outlaws

I’m thinking that the Rhodes’ are a lock to retain their titles for this one. While I wouldn’t mind the Outlaws winning, I kind of see their place in the WWE right now as being a way to help the younger guys get better, not to look good themselves. Kind of like being tag jobbers to the stars. I hope they keep wrestling though, as they add a lot to the division.

Brock Lesnar vs. The Big Show

I think this one is kind of a no-brainer with Brock winning. Whether it’s facing the Undertaker, fighting for the title, or whatever, Lesnar’s plans for Wrestlemania are going to be huge and he’ll need to look strong coming out of this match. After all it’s going to be hard for Brock to convince anyone that he should be next in line for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship if he loses to the Big Show right before hand.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship match:
Randy Orton vs. John Cena

I see Orton retaining to put this feud to rest. These two unified the titles together, fought over them, and now I think it’s time for them to finish it and move on. I imagine they’ll both be in the Elimination Chamber by the time it rolls around, but individually, I think it’s time for them to both go on to their own roads to Wrestlemania.

Daniel Bryan vs. Bray Wyatt

We already know that the WWE put this storyline on the fast track with Daniel Bryan turning on Wyatt so soon after turning to his side, so I’m really not sure that they’re really going to linger on his revenge. Therefore, I’m hoping and predicting that we’ll see a clean win for Daniel Bryan so he can leave this feud and go on to…

The Royal Rumble

For the winner of the main event, I’m predicting Daniel Bryan will come out at number 30 and go on to win the whole thing. Look, I get it. I know he’s not announced for the Rumble and he recently even said in an interview that Triple H doesn’t want him in it… but he’s just so over now and I believe that they turned him face again for a reason. And just so you know I’m not just saying this out of denial, I’ll also point out that there are not too many other real possibilities in the match. CM Punk seems firmly locked in to his feud with Triple H. Despite all the sheets claiming Batista’s going to win it, I think it’s too early in his comeback to throw him into the main event of such a huge Wrestlemania.

So anyway, that’s what I think is going to happen at the Rumble. My predictions always run a fine line between what I think will happen and what I want to happen. I guess it winds up being more like fantasy booking than predictions. But that’s what keeps me going as a wrestling fan, y’know? The hope that Bryan can win the Rumble. The hope that he’ll win the title at ‘Mania. And if enough of us believe it, maybe he will!