Hey everyone,

Wow, so let me start off by apologizing for the late updates!  I thought that once my summer started I’d have all kinds of time to do art stuff, but it didn’t quite work out that way.  I still got strips up eventually though, and now that I’m living back where I’m going to be for the next couple months, everything is setting into place.

But what ISN’T set in place is the WWE roster!  Tonight’s the draft, and while my gut instinct is that it will resemble last year’s unimpressive debacle, I can’t help but get a little excited for it.

It’s kind of pointless to post my predictions since I’ll be posting this about two hours before it starts, but what the hell, huh?  If nothing else it’ll give me a chance to show how wrong I can be.  I’ll list a few people that I think will be drafted.  Not necessarily who I WANT to be drafted, but who I think has the best chances of jumping to another brand.



-MVP:  His storyline of discontent with Vickie Guerrero only cemented my suspicion that he will be jumping brands.  Looking to past years, he seems to fit the role of promising midcarder on Smackdown that could be the next big thing, like Carlito and Kennedy before him.  Hopefully he’ll fare a little better than those two.  Well, Carlito anyway, Kennedy’s doing alright.

-Rey Mysterio:  I’ve seen a few other rumors about this possibility and I think I’ll go with it.  Rey’s pretty much done all he can with the talent on Smackdown (of course it’ll change in the draft) and his high flying style would fit in well with the shorter matches on RAW.

-CM Punk:  While CM Punk doesn’t have the greatest win/loss record in the business, he’s over with the crowd which would make him a viable contender for RAW.  Whether he’d get pushed or buried there is anyone’s guess, but I can definitely see him going there.



-Umaga:  It’s been the most rumored draft of this year, and I want to have at least one safe bet.  I think the change will be good for Umaga since he’s a pretty decent big man wrestler and I can envision a few good feuds he could be in.

-Cryme Tyme:  I’m pretty iffy on this one.  But it’s my pick anyway, because I’m having trouble thinking of anything better.  I think these two would fit in pretty well on the blue brand, they’re always over with the crowd and spending time on the usually more wrestling-based Smackdown could help to improve their in-ring abilities.

-John Morrison and The Miz:  This is kind of a cheat since the ECW brand is switching to be filmed on Mondays before RAW, I can’t imagine Smackdown’s tag champs going along with it.  It could work, but I’d imagine these two staying where their gold is.



-Super Crazy:  I guess?  I could see this ECW original going back to the brand from whence he came to continuing his jobbing out.  To be honest, I really don’t know.  ECW’s ratings have been so low, it seems like it’d be easier to just burn the show off rather than try to build it back up.  Also the fact that the show’s moving to Mondays where RAW stars can jump on there at any point seems to make drafts from RAW to ECW pointless.


Anyway, those are my predictions.  An hour from now we’ll see how wrong or right I am.  The only thing I’m really doubting is HUGE drafts like back in 2005 when the World Champions where switching brands.  But anything can happen in the WWE…


Thanks for reading,