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Dec 19Putting TNA’s Past Behind Them
Dec 17Part Time People
Dec 15Mailed with TLC
Dec 12NXT Takeover
Dec 10Belee Dat!
Dec 8Best Mark in the World
Dec 5Anonymous Raw GM
Dec 3A New Day
Dec 1Quieting the “Quitters”.
Nov 28Things I’m Thankful for in Wrestling: New Alternatives
Nov 26Things I’m Thankful for in Wrestling: Nice Sign Checkers
Nov 24Things I’m Thankful for in Wrestling: Wrestler Podcasts
Nov 21Destination Unknown
Nov 19Future Game Endeavors
Nov 17Generally Managing the WWE
Nov 14Verily, a Pipebomb
Nov 12Wyatt Family Dinner
Nov 10Jolly Old Sky Sports
Nov 7Vintage Kmart
Nov 5Putin Rusev Over
Nov 3Playing the Crowd
Oct 31Great Moments for a Heel Turn: Movie Night
Oct 29Reading the Fine Print
Oct 27Vince McAustin Austin McVince
Oct 24Part Time Champions
Oct 22Well. It’s the Big Show.
Oct 20A Viper in Vineville
Oct 17Wrestling Reprints- 1908!
Oct 15Wrestler Reprints- 1950!
Oct 13Wrestler Reprints- 1984!
Oct 10Wrestler Reprints- 1998!
Oct 8Wrestling Reprints- 1994!
Oct 6Wrestling Reprints- 1995!
Oct 3Crazy Taxi: Brother Brother Brother
Oct 1WWE 2K15 MyCareer Mode
Sep 29CM Punk Ruins Everything
Sep 26TNA on CMT
Sep 24Butts
Sep 22Taping the Future
Sep 19When Mark Henry Visits Disney World
Sep 17Why Cage Matches Make No Sense
Sep 15If the Real World Was Like Wrestling- Job Promotions
Sep 10Upgraded to Brock Lesnar Fan Condition
Sep 8Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!
Sep 5Randy Orton Week: At the Beach
Sep 3Randy Orton Week: The Legend’s House Killer
Sep 1Randy Orton Week: The Muppet Strikes
Aug 29Rollins’ Traps
Aug 27Mysterio’s Contract
Aug 25The Future of the WWE
Aug 22Why Bully Can’t Join WWE
Aug 20Total Heels
Aug 18WWE Supercard
Aug 15Great Moments for a Heel Turn: Shark Week
Aug 13Slaphappy
Aug 11Hulk’s Big Wish
Aug 8WWE Super Duper Show
Aug 4How Cena Beats Brock
Aug 1Goin’ Huntin’ with Brock Lesnar
Jul 30The REAL Reason Spike Cancelled TNA
Jul 28Bryan Burglar Stopper
Jul 25Past Offenses
Jul 23How to Tell How Long Someone’s Been Watching Wrestling!
Jul 21How TNA Should End
Jul 18WWE 2K15 Improved Universe Mode
Jul 16Dirtsheets After Punk
Jul 14The Many Historical Faces of Foley
Jul 11Taking Sides on TNA’s Ring
Jul 9Secrets of Wrestling Revealed
Jul 7CrEMMAnal Mastermind
Jul 2The Jericho Push
Jun 30The Boyz are Back
Jun 27Great Moments for a Heel Turn
Jun 25The Hardest Part of Breaking Up
Jun 23Investigative Reporting
Jun 20Casual Fans
Jun 18Budget Cuts
Jun 16WWE Network Pledge Drive
Jun 13More Things That Drive Me Crazy in Professional Wrestling
Jun 11Hardcore Cross Promotion
Jun 9Defensive Champion
Jun 6WWE Whistleblower
Jun 4The Day the Belief Died
Jun 2Renee Young’s Schedule
May 30Update on Punk
May 28Legends’ House
May 26Six Sided Fling
May 23Toning Down Headbutts
May 21The Greatest Show in TNA
May 19Taking Stock of WWE
May 16WWE Network Exclusive
May 14TNA 2: The Game
May 12Putin Heat
May 9WWE City, Part Three
May 7WWE City, Part 2
May 5WWE City
May 2A Wrestling Fan’s View of Samoa
Apr 30Brie Puts it Together
Apr 28All Worth It
Apr 25Turning the Paige
Apr 21Following the Script
Apr 18Things That Drive Me Crazy in Professional Wrestling
Apr 16Global Farce Wrestling
Apr 14Deleted Footage From Nancy Grace’s Ultimate Warrior Piece
Apr 7A Fitting End
Mar 31The Road to Wrestlemania- The Board Game!
Mar 26Training with ‘Taker
Mar 24Top Three WWE/ Hanna Barbera Crossovers I Want to See
Mar 17If Everyone Had Their Own Theme Music
Mar 13Planning to Push Bryan
Mar 10Journalistic Integrity
Mar 7Batista’s Week of Dealing With It
Mar 5After the Hijacking
Mar 3Hijacked
Feb 27Total Nonstop Kidnapping
Feb 24It’s True
Feb 22WWE Stackdown
Feb 13Why Randy Orton Can’t be the Face of the WWE
Feb 10Potential CM Punk Future Endeavors…
Feb 6WWE Re-Education
Feb 3The Most Dangerous Christian
Jan 31IRL Punk vs. Triple H
Jan 29Sin Courta
Jan 27The Daniel Bryan Fan Support Group
Jan 24Wrestling Phrases That Make No Sense to Me
Jan 21Being a Fan
Jan 17The Mad Genius of Ryback
Jan 15RKO Parent Trap
Jan 13DDP Everyday Things
Jan 10Over the Top Promotion
Jan 8Revisionist History
Jan 6Total Wyatts
Jan 32014 Predictions: Sin Cara Shoots!
Jan 12014 Predictions: Future Impacts