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Apr 21Following the Script
Apr 18Things That Drive Me Crazy in Professional Wrestling
Apr 16Global Farce Wrestling
Apr 14Deleted Footage From Nancy Grace’s Ultimate Warrior Piece
Apr 7A Fitting End
Mar 31The Road to Wrestlemania- The Board Game!
Mar 26Training with ‘Taker
Mar 24Top Three WWE/ Hanna Barbera Crossovers I Want to See
Mar 17If Everyone Had Their Own Theme Music
Mar 13Planning to Push Bryan
Mar 10Journalistic Integrity
Mar 7Batista’s Week of Dealing With It
Mar 5After the Hijacking
Mar 3Hijacked
Feb 27Total Nonstop Kidnapping
Feb 24It’s True
Feb 22WWE Stackdown
Feb 13Why Randy Orton Can’t be the Face of the WWE
Feb 10Potential CM Punk Future Endeavors…
Feb 6WWE Re-Education
Feb 3The Most Dangerous Christian
Jan 31IRL Punk vs. Triple H
Jan 29Sin Courta
Jan 27The Daniel Bryan Fan Support Group
Jan 24Wrestling Phrases That Make No Sense to Me
Jan 21Being a Fan
Jan 17The Mad Genius of Ryback
Jan 15RKO Parent Trap
Jan 13DDP Everyday Things
Jan 10Over the Top Promotion
Jan 8Revisionist History
Jan 6Total Wyatts
Jan 32014 Predictions: Sin Cara Shoots!
Jan 12014 Predictions: Future Impacts